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AprilNew Orleans Jazz Fest (37)

Here's some treats from the old days!
c.1975-85Hard Corp and Disband (15)
c.1980-85Disband (10)
c.1976-99ID cards (4)

Aug-12Buck's 9th Grade Portfolio (19)
Jan-11King's Day (7)
Dec-31New Year's Eve - California Style(19)
Dec-25Christmas at the Sextons'(22)
Dec-23Ray's Last Day(33)
Dec-19Buck's Buddies(8)
Dec-16Buck's Birthday (6)
Dec-13Hannukah at the Gimplins' (26)
Nov-13Maricar's Goodbye Lunch (21)
Oct-16Grupe's Group (15)
Oct-04Pat and Robin's Celebration (20)
Oct-03Phoebe's Phabulous Phiftieth (17)
Sep-02Friends and Family in Cleveland (14)
Sep-01Tom and Jeri in Cleveland (14)

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