The Early Years

Early Years
Ann Arbor
Los Angeles
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Born in Ohio, Eliot, the son of a lawyer and a teacher, was raised to appreciate reading, music and the arts. His two sisters, Beth and Kathi, were born during this period as well.

It was an exciting time to be growing up. Eliot watched, "live", the first lunar landing. He remembers his mother's deep sorrow when President Kennedy was shot. Eliot was scared by the "Salt Vampire" on Star Trek when it originally aired. Eliot still has the medallion his fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Robins, presented him with for his humanitarian spirit.

All in all, Eliot was a child of the 60's. What else could he be?

It should be noted that Eliot formed a close friendship with his deaf neighbor, Scott. They developed a unique method of communication. The long term influence of this relationship can be seen today in Eliot's constant attention to visual details and impressions.

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