Teenager Without a Cause

Early Years
Ann Arbor
Los Angeles
What's Next?

As with all children, being a teenager is more than just angst. It is the time when one starts to leave the nest, to develop as a person away from home.

In junior high, Eliot and a friend form a chess club. This is, perhaps, Eliot's first production.

A few year's later, Eliot first uses a computer. Eliot and his friends hang out after school, programming simple games in BASIC. The storage medium of choice at the time is long strips paper tape with holes punched out. Despite numerous paper cuts, Eliot enjoys computing.

Despite his leaning towards chess and computers, Eliot is far from being a geek. While math and science come easily to Eliot, his real joy is hanging out with people. He runs in lots of circles, trying to find his niche. Deadheads, track team, yearbook staff, poker pals, advanced placement classes, music lessons... he does them all.

Eliot's interests are wide and he appreciates all of the various personalities he encounters. Most importantly, perhaps, Eliot learns to communicate with all sorts of people from all types of backgrounds.

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