Ann Arbor

Early Years
Ann Arbor
Los Angeles
What's Next?

The University of Michigan is large, and Eliot likes it.

Eliot wants a major involving computers but also want a liberal arts degree. Luckily for Eliot, Computer Science is still part of the liberal arts college at this time. And so, his college years begin.

Punch cards and main frames are, ahem, state of the art. Defense industries are, argh, the major employer of Computer Scientists at this time. Eliot isn't aware of the changes that are to come and finds his classes unfulfilling.

Being on a big campus does have it's benefits though. The many facets of university life really get Eliot's juices going. He gets involved in Eclipse Jazz, WCBN and the University Activities Center. These activities come to dominate Eliot's life and lead him to a career in event production.

Things are going along smoothly when the most traumatic experience of Eliot's life occurs. On March 31, 1986, his father dies unexpectedly. Eliot, deeply saddened, in an effort to deal with his grief, withdraws into himself.

Gradually, time begins to heal Eliot's wounds and he takes a trip out west.

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