Los Angeles

Early Years
Ann Arbor
Los Angeles
What's Next?

Eliot visits Los Angeles and stays with a couple of U-M alumni. One of them lets him sleep on the couch, the other offers Eliot a job. Ready for the change, Eliot immediately accepts the offer and moves to California.

Eliot's years in L. A. become an extension of Ann Arbor, working in event management and developing a traditional resume. Long hours, hard work, tough competition for each job. The only thing preventing total burnout is all of the traveling.

After a while, Eliot realizes that he needs a change. Tired of the event business, Eliot is confused. What to do?

It becomes clear to Eliot that a huge change is taking place right before his very eyes! The very computers that were so boring in college are now vibrant and full of exciting energies. Eliot decides that it is time to get into the new media.

It is all so exciting! Everything Eliot has every done is converging. Eliot feels that a new career must be close at hand.

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