Between 1979 and 1985, Eliot was involved in the production of the following concerts. Details about his specific duties are found in his resume.


February 16The ArkBobby McFerrin
March 12League BallroomRoy Brooks & Aboriginal Perc. Choir
March 22MendelsohnDollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim
March 26Hill AuditoriumGeorge Winston
April 15The ArkJack DeJohnette’s Special Edition
September 22Union BallroomDirty Dozen Brass Band
September 28Michigan TheatreChick Corea Electrik Band
October 11Power CenterEbenezer Obey
November 2The ArkDavid Murray / Stanley Cowell
November 9Power CenterAn Evening with Windham Hill
November 17The ArkWayne Shorter Quintet


January 14University ClubGriot Galaxy
January 27University ClubToshiko Akiyoshi / J. C. Heard Trio
February 11University ClubVernon Reid Band
March 17University ClubDewey Redman Quartet
March 31University ClubHenry Threadgill Sextet
April 7Union BallroomDavid Grisman Quartet
September 7University BallroomDavid Murray Octet
September 29Union BallroomAbbey Lincoln
October 20Power CenterClaude Bolling w/Larry Coryell
November 7Hill AuditoriumSypro Gyra / OJ Anderson
November 15Union BallroomMcCoy Tyner Trio
November 18The ArkOdean Pope Trio
December 8Hill AuditoriumPat Metheny Group


January 22University ClubRonald Shannon Jackson
January 28Hill AuditoriumBuddy Rich
February 5University ClubAnthony Braxton
March 5University ClubJamaaladeen Tacuma
March 11Power CenterWynton Marsalis
March 30Hill AuditoriumWeather Report
April 2University BallroomJ. C. Heard Orchestra
April16University ClubJames Newton Quartet
September 22Hill AuditoriumRay Charles / Marcus Belgrave
October 1University ClubJerome Cooper
October 15University ClubOlu Dara Quartet
October 30University ClubJaco Pastorius / Word of Mouth
November 12Rackham AuditoriumWorld Sax Quartet
December 3University ClubHeath Brothers


February 18Power CenterOrnette Coleman
March 11Hill AuditoriumSpyro Gyra
March 20University ClubWoody Shaw
April 9University ClubRonald Shannon Jackson
April 14Hill AuditoriumOscar Peterson
May 14Union BallroomMandingo Griot Society
May 22Rackham AuditoriumOld and New Dreams
September 25Hill AuditoriumEarl Klugh
October 9Union BallroomJohnny Griffen Quartet
October 23University ClubGateway Trio
November 5University ClubWendell Harrsion / Leone Thomas
November 19Union BallroomArt Ensemble of Chicago
December 4University ClubDavid Eyges Trio


January 30League BallroomJack DeJohnette Special Edition
March 6Pendleton RoomSteve and Iqua Colson
March 21Hill AuditoriumChick Corea Quartet
April 10University ClubBird-Trane-Sco-Now!
April 12Hill AuditoriumPat Metheny Group
April 17University ClubSippie Wallace
June 6University ClubMandingo Griot Society
September 19Hill AuditoriumMiles Davis
October 24Hill AuditoriumBob James
November 5Union BallroomBetty Carter
November 12University ClubTed Curson
November 20Union BallroomSippie Wallace
December 15Hill AuditoriumDave Brubeck’s “La Fiesta de la Posada”


January 12Power CenterCarla Bley Band
January 25RC Aud.Spencer Barefield / Anthony Holland
February 8Michigan TheatreWeather Report
March 16Hill AuditoriumDave Brubeck
March 28University ClubOld and New Dreams
April 12Michigan TheatreJohnny Griffen / Richie Cole
June 20University ClubMandigo Griot Society
September 26Hill AuditroiumOregon / Stephane Grappelli
September 27Hill AuditoriumChico Freeman / Stanley Turrentine
September 28Hill AuditoriumSarah Vaughn / Arthur Blythe
September 28R. C. Aud.Anthony Braxton
November 7Rackham AuditoriumPhillip Glass Ensemble
November12Hill AuditoriumRay Charles / Ernie Krivda
November 21University ClubRonald Shannon Jackson


October 27R.C. Aud.Dave Holland
November 7Hill AuditoriumChick Corea / Gary Burton
November 17Pendleton RmJaki Byard
November 30Pendleton RmKarl Berger
December 9Hill AuditoriumElla Fitzgerald